Custom Plans Available

If you need a custom plan, contact us before placing an order and we'll work with you to create a custom stream hosting solution tailored to your specifications.


Stream live audio, create playlists, upload your music
AutoDJ is perfect for when there's no live broadcaster
Create a 24/7 live music stream with AutoDJ playlists


Online Radio Manager - Centova Cast v3
  • Stream Type: Shoutcast v2
  • Listener Limit: 500 Slots
  • Bit-rate Limit: 192kbps
AutoDJ Music Storage
  • AutoDJ enabled with 5GB Music Storage
  • Upload your music, create AutoDJ playlists
Create DJ Accounts
  • Your djs can stream live over the AutoDJ
  • AutoDJ fades out if it detects a live stream
  • No dead-air between dj change-overs
Server Info
  • Datacenter: Dronten, Netherlands
  • Dedicated Servers - Intel Xeon
  • Network Speed: 10Gbps Uplink
  • Upgrade listeners or music storage any time in the client area
  • Use add-on services option to add extra listeners or storage

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